Exactly what is Special Regarding this Product?

Total AUDIO-VIDEO is a leading antivirus solution that offers full protection from spyware and other forms of trojans. The program has several add-ons that are available through an in-built specialist or by making use of a web-based interface. There are many key highlights of Total AV that distinguish it from other comparable solutions. This article details one of these features — the security package that is provided by the company.

Total UTAV provides a 30-days free trial. This software offers 3 different secureness suites, every with varying levels of security and with differing selection of features to suit all types of users. The standard version, the primary Antivirus presents a limited permit for just one single computer and comes with bare minimum protection from malware, trojans, viruses, privacy invasion and the malware. The Business Necessary Antivirus highly recommended for multiple computers and comes with numerous additional reliability features that provide additional reassurance about your organization data and financial resources.

A feature that makes total av be noticeable is its threat dictionary. The program not only identifies hazards totalav on your computer, yet also cleans away them from the system. You will find three several threats which have been included in the book – Spyware and (also known as Trojans), Adware (also referred to as bugs), as well as the Spyware. These three different threats can be identified and removed singularly, or you may wish to choose to initialize the combined scanning alternative, which provides extra protection against three different threats.

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